It’s been just over 2 weeks since our post Caravan Tour: Part 1 took you through the kitchen and living space of our tiny home, so I’d say we move on and view the rest of the place, shall we? Without further ado, let me introduce you to the loft.
FullSizeRender 46 copy 2 As with most spaces in a tiny house, this loft is both a sleeping space and a storage space. Luckily it’s outfitted with some pretty serious windows, so checking the weather first thing in the morning means cracking the curtain a few inches. Shelving at the foot of the bed serves as clothing storage, as well as a few hooks on the wall. I always find it amazing that we only took about one third of our clothes with us when we came to Hornby, yet we only wear about a half of them. It really goes to show you how little you need to live comfortably!

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The storage never stops! Since the bed is about a foot off the loft floor there is a foot of useable space below the entire bed. That’s where these 2 giant roll out drawers come into play. They hold anything from socks and underwear to toiletries and paper towels. I thank the tiny house gods every day for these drawers!

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We can’t leave out a quick visit to the spare bedroom, because that’s where all our guests stay! The spare bedroom is at the back of the caravan, and features simply a bed, dresser and tiny closet. Again, in true tiny house fashion, this is a multi-purpose room in that we also keep our toaster-oven on the dresser. Counter space is at a premium folks!  FullSizeRender 47 copyFullSizeRender 49 copyFullSizeRender 46 copy 4

Now we move to the OUTSIDE. The back porch of the caravan is a working area, which basically means it isn’t very photogenic. That being said, it’s a part of this caravan so we are damn well going to show you! The back porch houses the fridge, our recyclables and garbage until we take them to the depot, shoes, bikes, laundry drying rack, propane tank and various other items that come and go regularly.

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On the opposite side of the caravan is the front porch. While the back porch was all business, the front porch is definitely all pleasure. The front porch overlooks the sea of salal bush that surrounds the caravan, and is home to a table and a few deck chairs. That’s it. Pretty simple. We eat here as much as we can, especially when the caravan heats up in the dog days of summer. It’s also a great place to read, have a cup of tea or coffee, or do the occasional yoga practice.

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So where’s the bathroom? We use an outhouse with a composting toilet about 30 feet from the caravan. It definitely took us a while to get used to using the outhouse when we first arrived, but now it seems old hat. Plus, as outhouses go, this one is pretty cute.

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So that’s it. That’s the caravan at Middle Mountain in all its glory. We hope you enjoyed our virtual tour as much as we enjoy living here. If you are interested in tiny house living, or ever want to chat tiny houses with us, drop us a line! We always enjoy reading comments.

– Lana