We had more visitors this week! Mike and Joselyn, our friends from Beaverlodge, Alberta, and their 8-month old baby, Rowe, made their first trip to Hornby Island. Despite only being here for 24 hours they covered plenty of ground. We took them to Helliwell Provincial Park (see our previous post, “Our First Visitor! Plus Helliwell Provincial Park“), Tribune Bay (the beautiful white sand beach that Hornby is so famous for), and the Ringside Market (neat little shops at the town center). They have a hobby farm back home, but they hadn’t had the pleasure of milking sheep, so we helped them out in that department. Here’s a picture of little guy Rowe giving the stink eye to the camera.

FullSizeRender 34We also took in the annual plant sale at the Heron Rock Campground. It’s a lovely little event where you get served strawberry tea and shortcake by young children in the community, meanwhile elbowing away your fellow neighbours so you can get the good plants before they do. Seriously. It was like the running of the bulls. We picked up a few plants for a little garden that we carved out in front of the caravan. We’re here for 7 months, so why not brighten up the place, ya know?

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The weather’s been SPECTACULAR this week. The over-25-degrees-every-day kind of spectacular. After working up a sweat around the farm during the day, we’ve been heading down to the beach almost daily. We’ve been frequenting Tribune Bay, which as I mentioned above is the a big draw for the summer crowds, but we have also spent time at another beach called Whaling Station, which tends to be a bit quieter. Either way, we love both beaches, and both suit us just fine for our new favourite beach activity, volleyball.  Aaron even took his first dip in the water this week, but being the giant cold water wuss that I am, it’s going to be a while until I go for a swim.


We had our first dinner at the beach this week! It’s somewhat of a tradition with Helen, Steve and the fam, plus a few other local families join in as well. It’s potluck style, so everybody brings a dish or two, and we get to enjoy good food and each other’s company in a gorgeous setting. BRILLIANT.
Finally, what would a “Weekly Wrap Up” post be without a mention of animals? Absolutely horrid, that’s what. So here’s a picture of Aaron and the not-so-little-anymore bunnies. They’re growing up so fast!

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– Lana