The latest news on the farm? Bunnies! We’ve had 2 litters of bunnies in the last week.
The first litter came about 33 days after the “breeding”, which is a bit longer than the usual 31 days (but WAYYY longer than the “bunny-making” 10 seconds). But it paid off, because 6 healthy little bunnies were the result! We didn’t realize how un-bunny like they were going to be. I’m not sure what we expected, but they were just a big ball of wriggling, hairless, helpless critters. Maybe we expected them to be fully functioning and furry, like the lambs are when they came out, but joke’s on us. They weren’t.

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Aaron had built a lovely nesting box for the first mom-to-be, and oh boy, was that ever useless. She popped out a couple of them in the box, and just had the rest on the ground of her cage. That’s where we came in: we rubbed rabbit poop on our hands (so that the mom doesn’t reject the babies after we touch them, and not nearly as gross as it seems), reached in there and transferred the rest of the bunnies back into the nesting box. You’re welcome rabbit mom (black) and rabbit dad (Walter White).

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The second litter came about 5 days after the first, and yielded 11 bunnies! Typically the average is 6. Whoa. Rabbits only have 8 nipples for the little ones to feed on, so we expected some mortality from this litter. About 3 days later we had to remove 2 bunnies which had died, and we think that another may pass away as well, seeing as it was looking pretty frail. It was tough for me to deal with the bunny deaths, but I suppose I can reconcile it by remembering: such is life on a farm.
Overall the majority of both litters are doing well. They are starting to put on more fur, and are getting cuter by the day. Soon they will be hardy enough that we can move them into their own space and maybe, just maybe, hold them. Can’t wait! Here is a photo of the smaller litter about 5 days after the first picture, above, was taken.

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And last, but not least, you can’t get away with talking about bunnies without posting awkward pictures of us dealing with the awkward rabbit cage (you have to go ALL THE WAY in to feed them).

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– Lana