It sure is easy to look at someone’s gorgeous house, enterprising career, or fit body and be envious. I do it all the time. You probably do too. But more recently I have been envying people’s farms. Yup. Shameless.
Driving by and seeing a cute farm house with acres of well thought out rows of vegetables and a barn for the animals really gets the ol’ jealousy cranks turning. I can’t help but think to myself, why can’t I have that?
I’ve realized that the good news is that I can. I can have all that. Plus more. Plus it can be tailored to the way Aaron and I want it, which probably means there will be a sturdy old farm truck and at least a couple dogs. All we have to do is BUY A FARM. Literally.

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There is also bad news. It’s actually not so bad as it is just a WAKE UP CALL. Having a productive, well-established farm tailored to our specific goals takes time. Serious time. Probably decades. Farmers work hard, pouring their blood, sweat and tears into creating surroundings that nourish them physically and emotionally (and spiritually, if you’re into that).
Lots of farmers, especially historical ones, probably started with a raw chunk of forested land and cleared that stuff BY HAND. They put in back-breaking effort before they could even start farming, and here I am thinking we can just “be” farmers? Reality check.

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So has all this hard work turned us off of this age-old profession? Nope. Being here is teaching us that when you invest your labour, time and money into a farm, you reap far more than just money in return.

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So now when we drive past a prime peace of farming paradise we don’t get jealous. We get excited. You know the endless amount of “fit-spiration” that’s out there in the internet these days? Well there’s this one that says:

“You may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday”.

One day soon we will take the leap and get ourselves a little piece of farmland to call our own. It may be covered in trees, or it may be seed-ready. Either way, we will be one step closer to waking up and realizing we have the farm that other people are envious for.