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Here are some neat things that happened this week!
Saturday The sheep got sheared! What a gong show. Here is a video of the sheep running with Lana and Helen in tow. We “human herded” the sheep about 10 minutes down the mountain to a neighbour’s farm where the sheep-shearer dude was set up. Peter, the rockstar sheep shearer, has shorn over 350,000 in Canada and New Zealand, and has a bitchin’ pick up truck. It’s a delicate job. The sheep are thrashing like crazy, meanwhile he’s holding a sharp blade close to their skin and is trying not to get kicked in the nuts. But Peter held it down, and our 3 ladies got away unscathed!
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We also checked out Heron Rock on Saturday after the sheep were sheared (2 fun things in 1 day, whaaa?). Heron Rock is another of Hornby’s natural beauty’s. Blah blah natural beauty, beach combing, blah blah. You get it!
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Sunday Steve and Helen took us kayaking! It took us 3 weeks of being on Hornby to finally get in the damn water, but we did it. We were out for about half an hour, and I only bottomed out 3 times! I think kayaking is a great way to experience two emotions at the same time; extremely amazed and horrifically terrified of all that lurks beneath you. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel it every time I end up on a self-powered water vessel. Luckily the horror is not enough to keep me off the water. Thanks bravery!
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Wednesday Wednesday was a fantastic day. It was so fantastic because we adopted a pet crab while on an impromptu walk at the pier to find starfish (I LOVE STARFISH). Aaron gracefully transported him to the car via a stick which the crab held on to with all his might, and he rode home inside our spare tire cover which we have lying around the back seat of the car. Once at home he was given a quick shower so he could clean up after such a big ordeal. Then we introduced the crab to Gus, and they got along swimmingly. Aaron then put the crab in the stove-top hot tub, then he ATE HIM. Aaron’s report: the 3 bites of crab meat that he yielded were delicious.
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Thursday Helen and I made sauerkraut! As an inspiring farmer one needs to have skills in preserving what you grow. Helen got a big bag o’ beets for free from a neighbour, so we grated the hell out of it, a head of cabbage and some ginger, added some kosher salt, put it in a fermentation jar, and there you have it folks. 1 gallon of SAUERKRAUT (in a couple months or so once it ferments). We also went down to the Thatch Pub in the evening to catch some local ladies in the band “The Songbirds”. Helen and Steve treated us to dinner and a lovely night out. Thanks guys, your rock!

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Friday We finished seeding the upper garden! We have spent many hours since we arrived on Hornby weeding, prepping and seeding the beds in the upper garden, and today we can finally say we are pretty much done! There may be a section here or there that needs to get filled in, but the garden is ready for it’s “before” photo (check back at the height of summer for a brilliant “after” photo).
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This afternoon we left the island for the first time since arriving here, and we will be spending the weekend on Vancouver Island, in the Courtenay/Cumberland/Comox area. Talk to you soon!
– Lana