Happy EARTH DAY everybody!

Today’s piece is to address some speculation that we are either considered hipsters or hippies based on our decision to go farming on Hornby Island for the summer.

I will try to organize my thoughts based on evidence to support hipster, followed by evidence to support the hippy hypothesis:
Hipster evidence:

  1. This thing you are reading is a blog.
  2. We wear Blundstones which have a reputation teetering on the edge between worker and hipster boots.
  3. We prefer tight, skinny jeans that end at the ankle¹.
  4. I have a moustache.
  5. We have tons of plaid shirts.
  6. Besides this blog, I don’t subscribe to social media. Except for when I creep on Lana’s Facebook. Anyone have an objection to this?
  7. We are committed to developing skills such as growing food, sewing, carpentry, etc.
  8. I own a vinyl collection.
  9. We definitely do not see ourselves as hipsters.

Hippy evidence:

  1. We moved to Hornby Island for the summer.
  2. I am reluctant to dedicate too much time to technology. I realize this personal credo contradicts my involvement in this blog. This will be address in a future post.
  3. We ‘formally’ shower once a week.
  4. We love tie-dye.
  5. Both of us are growing out our hair. First one to get a hair cut owes the other a week of massages!
  6. We LOVE, and will dearly miss this summer, North Country Fair (aka ‘Hippy Daze’).
  7. We compost.

Now, having gone through all of that, I would just like to say we do not really like to subscribe to any labels. And I realize how hipster that sounds. But its true: we just are. Profound, right? I hold nothing against hipsters or hippies and feel both have very valid perspectives that attract us. I’m sure if we wanted to, we could open up the stereotype cupboard a little wider and pull other non-hipster/hippie traits to throw in the stew of “what makes us tick”. Maybe we are Young Agrarians or Greenhorns? We can relate to hipsters and hippies, and all other groups, in the sense that we are pursuing something of meaning. We are blowing up the status quo and pulling from the rubble bits and pieces that we want in our lives.
There you have it. Enough philosophy for a Wednesday? Please share your feedback in the comment section or on Facebook!
¹ Embarrassingly, I have worn my wife’s jeans before and vice versa. We were camping and the only pair of pants I had were wet, so I wore hers… big deal.