When I say we “summited” Hornby this week, I don’t mean we wore our puffiest North Face and dodged crevasses to get there. What we actually did was looked at a map, figured out the right trails, then walked and pedalled our way up the “mountain”. There were Tibetan prayer flags there, so that clearly means we reached the summit of something, right? FullSizeRender 24 copy 3 FullSizeRender 24 copy 2 The coolest part? We got to take our first crack at the amazing trail network that Hornby is so famous for. Mountain biking on Hornby is a BIG DEAL (check out this sweet video). They  have the trails mapped out like at a ski hill, with beginner, intermediate and advanced trails. And when they say “advanced” they mean it. Some of these suckers are way to cray for me to even think of attempting. I would be nervous to walk some of the damn things, let along bike them. They have names like “Four Dead Aliens”, “Purgatory”, “Spasm Chasm”, and “Freefall”. I’m sure somebody with a little more mountain biking experience would have a total blast (I’m looking at you Kelsey Tutt!). FullSizeRender 26 copy 2 FullSizeRender 24 copy 4 Another neat thing that happened this week was clammin’. Aaron got his BC fishing licence at the Ford Cove General Store last week, so we are able to take home up to 75 clams and 15 oysters a day. We went down to the water just off the main road, and crisscrossed the beach looking for good spots to dig up clams. The oysters are pretty much everywhere, so we picked up a bunch just before leaving. Aaron, the prairie boy that he is, had to do some research into how to process and cook the clams and oysters. Myself, a good vegetarian, ended my involvement once we left the beach. Aaron ended up doing battered oysters and clam chowder, and judging by how quickly they disappeared, I think we can call it a success. FullSizeRender 24 copy FullSizeRender 25 PS: This may be a normal thing for most west coasters, but there were sea urchins. FRICKIN’ SEA URCHINS! Cool. FullSizeRender 26As Aaron mentioned in the last post, we welcomed 2 new baby lambs this week! That brings the total up to 4 babies and 3 adults. Steve and Helen want the sheep to be human-adjusted as much as possible, so this means part of our job is to hold the little guys at least once a day. DONE. Nailing it. Since the new babies look pretty much identical to the old babies (minus some slight colour variations), I’m not going to post picture of the new babies. What I will do instead is post a picture of the old babies climbing their mother. IMG_4802 Other than that we have been spending the week doing farm stuff. I’ve mostly been doing a lot of weeding, fertilizing (with manure of course) and mulching, while Aaron has been helping to build a second barn in the lower pasture for the sheep. FullSizeRender 22Lastly, a day at the farm would not be complete without crawling into the rabbit cages to reach the food dish. As you can see, Aaron is not “cagey” about committing to this task. *Groan*FullSizeRender 27– Lana