As we transition from our comfortable and predictable existence in Alberta (i.e. our 9-5 jobs, spacious main-floor rental, dry + chilly weather) to life on Hornby, we are finder that there are still a few things we haven’t fully adjusted to. In fact, we decided to compile a list!
Spoiler alert: This post focuses on a few things we are not particularly keen on. Rest assured, however, we would never trade-in this experience on the beautiful west coast for anything. Refer to previous and future posts for things we are wow’d by daily!
But I digress, back to the task at hand: making ya’ll a little LESS envious that you can’t be here with us (although we really would love you to come visit!):

  • Numero uno: Banging our head. It seems no matter what we are doing; whether it be cleaning/cooking/waking up/etc, we are constantly banging our heads against the ceiling/cupboard doors (sort of like this @ 0:16). We started a count the day we moved in, but lost count when we entered the double-digits within hours! Even Gus has slamned his head against the ceiling when quickly turning to evade our grasp. One of the funnier times I hit my head on the wall involved an initial smack, followed by a re-enactment which resulted in an equally hard THWACK. Der…

These little buggers, which I just learned are not really bugs at all, they’re crustaceans! We find them under virtually every rock/cranny, including our tiny living quarters. We are perpetually sharing our accommodations with spiders, ants, sow bugs, centipedes and other unknowns! Gus is not holding up his duties as indoor-cat very well. Food rations may be affected 🙂

  • Numero tres: Cold toilet seat. We use an outdoor composting toilet, and despite living in a pretty sweet climate we have been going to bed and waking up with slightly above-zero temperatures. This leads to a less than desirable toilet seat temperature for when we have to drop our liquids/solids. We will not be deterred!
Cold Toilet Seat

There is one saving grace here. The view from the outhouse is beautiful. Note: this picture is taken with the door open, but don’t worry, there is definitely a door.

FullSizeRender (3)

  • Numero quatro: Soft water. We’re never sure if we have all the soap off following a shower, which would be nice, considering we are trying to conserve water! We end up tacking additional time onto the tail-end of our showers so we can ensure all the soap is off. Water conservation on Hornby is a BIG DEAL.
FullSizeRender (4)
  • Numero cinco: This one is definitely a positive, but it is just how dark and quiet it is here! Gone are the days where we needed to sleep with ear plugs and eye masks to neutralize the noise and light coming off the adjacent traffic corridor. The stars here take my breath away nightly!

That last one snuck in there as a positive thing we are getting used to. For more where that came from, stay posted to Tuttly!