Would we be lying if we said we didn’t miss being with our families for Easter? Yup. Did we make the best of the situation? I think so. And by “the best” do I mean that we bought Cadbury Cream eggs and hid them around the caravan for each other to find. Absolutely.

IMG_4583We also took some time to visit the animals on the farm. As I mentioned in Stage 3: Holla Hornby!, the farm has 3 rabbits. One of which is Walter White. Walter is a stud. Literally. He has mated twice since we got here (once which each of the other female rabbits). In about a month we are going to be SWIMMING in bunnies.


I am just going to zip right on the fact that these bunnies will eventually be slaughtered for meat and move on to the chickens. Yay chickens! These 6 lovely ladies produce about 4 to 6 eggs a day, so there is no need to buy eggs from the store. We usually take 2 or 3 for ourselves, then give the rest to Steve and Helen. The chickens also make this really endearing cooing sound, so visiting them is kind of a treat.


On Sunday there was a grand re-opening of the Hornby Island Free Store. The Free Store is exactly how it reads. It is a store of free stuff. It works pretty much like any thrift store, except there is no cost to “buy” anything. So we stopped by and took in the party. It was a lively community gathering with food and cake in the new building, plus live music outside. The band featured the one and only Darryl, the mead maker for Middle Mountain Mead. He’s the one on drums.

FullSizeRender (3)

In the evening we were invited to Helen and Steve’s family dinner. We were 11 in total and got to eat a lovely meal accompanied by a healthy dose of mead, duh. This farm definitely practices what it preaches when it comes to mead! Aaron and I contributed some gluten-free brownies, coconut whipped cream, and my famous sweet potato and spinach risotto (this is my go-to recipe to impress, thanks Two Peas and Their Pod!). FullSizeRender (3) copy

Easter treated us well this year. But let’s all acknowledge that what you all really want to see is a picture of Aaron caulking. YOU ARE WELCOME 🙂


– Lana