A lot has happened since the last post! Let’s break it down into 3 stages, shall we?
Stage 1: Saying goodbye to 9241
In the week following our goodbye party we found ourselves WAY busier than we wanted to be! Here we thought we might have a nice relaxing week before leaving for Hornby, but that just wasn’t in the cards.

Tuesday was moving day. In the morning we picked up the 20ft UHaul van and loaded up everything that wasn’t coming with us to Hornby. My dad Rob and Aaron’s dad Larry were there to help, and are we ever thankful for it! Without the moving veterans we probably would have tired out before noon. By 3:30pm we had everything unloaded and neatly tucked away into a corner of Rob’s unfinished basement. There are not enough words to thank Rob for allowing us to store our stuff at his place, and for free no less.


Since our mattresses were stored away we spent the next 5 nights sleeping on a blow-up mattress, and as one would expect, woke up feeling like garbage for the next 5 mornings. This made running around all over town trying to accomplish all things on our to-do lists extra fun. Saturday was cleaning day, and 9241 was returned to her former glory. Actually, scratch that. 9241 was a former drug house (we are talking needles in the backyard, undercover cops stopping by kind of drug house), so we could have left without cleaning and it would have still been nicer than when we found it! I digress. On Saturday night the property manager did our inspection, and we are proud to say we can be expecting back our full damage deposit. High fives all around.
– Lana