All I can really say is ‘wow’. Wow to the amazing turnout of well-wishers/friends/family who came out in droves yesterday; this place was pumping! At certain points the noise inside our small main-floor suite must have rivalled those of the Oilers crowd at cross-town Rexall Place. We plowed through the vino and parted ways with a considerable amount of stuff (‘crap’ as we so affectionately referred to it). It’s always an interesting experiment when you issue an invite to many around you to come, mingle and converse, as you can never really predict who will hit it off or, alternatively, who will clash. But the gamble paid off, as we put faith in our amazing friends and family that all gathered would share commonalities and good spirits. We welcomed our first guests shortly after the proposed beginning of 4pm and continued having smiling folks cross our threshold until past 11pm, eventually shutting ‘er down around midnight and collapsing into a near 12 hour sleep.
With foggy minds we woke, impressed to see the place in a somewhat clean/sorted state of remaining possessions in cardboard boxes and wine/beer bottles rinsed and in the sink. Another unexpected occurrence was when we opened the blinds and found a fresh half-foot blanket of snow covering the neighbourhood!


It seems almost poetic, in a way, as we recently stepped away from our jobs and mother nature gives us a beautiful fresh layer of snow symbolizing fresh beginnings. All romantic notions were quickly shattered after beginning to dig our vehicles, which allowed us to run to the bottle depot to cash in ($9.50!) our bottles and donate the remaining ‘give-away’ possessions to GoodWill. We would like to extend a huge “Thank-You” to all who graced us with their presence yesterday; generously tossing us some cash to help kickstart our adventure, the many bottles of wine and cards, and for just being here to share in some last laughs and stories before we head west!
– Aaron