This is it! The very first Tuttly blog post. You know, they say the first one is the trickiest, so here we go, jumping in head first…
Aaron and I first want to start off by welcoming you all to Tuttly, our new home on the internet! This is going to be the place where we share our experiences with you as we embark on a 7 month organic farming apprenticeship on Hornby Island, BC and beyond.
We plan on chronicling our fabulous adventures as well as our hopeless naivety and embarrassing failures. There are bound to be some ridiculous posts along the way, chock full of our collective incoherent ramblings. Clearly, not to be missed! We plan on posting at least a couple times a week, so revisit the blog as often as you like.
Today we are hosting our “Going Away Party/Getting Rid of Our Stuff Sale”, and are currently busy laying out the goods in the living room and prepping two huge pots of chili. We are beyond excited to have one final chance of hosting our friends and family, and soaking in the love before we leave town on March 29th.
-Aaron + Lana